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Pettycache is a specialist creative-driven web design and development studio.

We don’t win awards, our clients do

Award-winning clients from virtually every industry come to us to develop their projects. Our work has helped them strengthen their online visibility, improve readership on their websites, and connect better with their target audiences.


We adopt a goal-driven approach to measure effectiveness and determine deliverables.


We digest, map, and structure complex information to create better understanding.


We write code that is stable, scalable and serviceable.

How we work

We value data and understand it comes in many forms, we want to embed ourselves with our clients and gather information through questions and research.

Our clients who have taken the time to share insights with us, engaged in an active conversation about unique problems they faced. In turn, we tapped into our experiences across industries to help draw patterns to make better decisions. This cross-pollinating process has not only helped achieve our client's' desired goals, but also helped them better know themselves.

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Our work

We create work that communicates. We make things simpler, smarter, more helpful, more beautiful, and more fun. We work with people, not for people.

State of Buildings

A project supported by the National Heritage Board (NHB) in Singapore. State of Buildings archives and documents the architectural landscape, both standing and demolished, through its interactive online portal. Each article is rigorously researched for factual accuracy and plotted with exact topographic coordinates.

The TENG Company

A collective of award-winning Singaporean musicians and leading educators, sharing a vision to nurture the Singapore sound, bringing the rising stars of classical music and visionary composers together. The TENG Company received special mention at the Prime Minister's National Day Rally 2015 as "ones to watch".

Journey East

We introduced a refreshed colour scheme and a mix of typefaces that are bold, tall, thin, and wide (much like the variety of furniture designs you'll find at the store). The redesigned site is the second iteration for Journey East, and it aligns it with the company's redefined language and vision.

The site was built with an extensible Content Management System (CMS), to allow for future online sales of accessories and furniture as part of the company’s evolving commercial strategy.


Working with &Larry to develop a digital shopping experience for Faculty, a refined and functional approach to the crafting of apparel and products based on the idea of intrinsic human ability in thought or action. We tailored a custom front-end interface and integrated it with Wordpress as a CMS.

The Gouvernante

We've worked with BLACK on a project for The Gouvernante, an exclusive and premium housekeeping service for immaculate households. The site features specially commissioned illustrations from Tokyo-based illustrator Akira Sorimachi.

Uniqlo Flagship Store

We worked with Kinetic to develop and deploy a special microsite for UNIQLO’s first global regional flagship store in South-East Asia. In addition to developing and deploying the website, we also consulting for concept and design.

There were specific requirements for both pre-launch and post-launch of the new flagship store, and careful considerations had to be made for the website to continue its life as a microsite underneath the umbrella of a larger group identity once its official launch period was concluded.

SG Heart Map

We worked closely with Jackson Tan from BLACK and Yin Shanyang of Swarm Intelligence to build the SG Heart Map project. As an instrumental component of Singapore's SG50 festivities, the site went beyond its digital nature and was part of physical interactive installations.

We worked with the project’s large consortium that included artists, graphic designers and other developers, and focused on building front-end interactions, and transitions.

Singapore Graphic Archive

We designed and developed the interaction and archival system for the Singapore Graphic Archives—an independent organisation that documents graphic design from Singapore to encourage research on the industry, and to promote appreciation of Singapore visual culture. The site catalogues materials that are significant to the history of modern Singapore and its design industry. These include designs for national projects, the public sector, and the arts and culture.

Why work with us?

The importance of code and aesthetics.

We have strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS, graceful degradation, and progressive enhancement. We also code creatively, with a directed sense of understanding in animation, physics, timing, and restraint.

Culture that's envied by contemporaries.

Our working environment promotes active discourse, and our team understands how to work together to build the best digital products.

Charging fairly for the quality we deliver.

We practice fair and transparent billing for our standard of quality in producing neat, tested, readable, and well-documented code.

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