Upside Motion

Upside Motion is a multi-programme and multi-location fitness studio. The business has established itself as the first hybrid boutique fitness studio in the heart of downtown Singapore.

While most businesses have fairly direct goals such as generating more sales or enabling their customers to purchase products in new ways, Upside Motion came to us for a solution to help unlock their studio space.

Understanding the problems

During peak business hours, the lobby was filled with customers trying to register in order to attend their classes, customers who had just finished their classes attempting to book their next class, and customers who were trying to sign up or purchase more classes.

The website, at that time, while rich in information about the studio, its locations, and instructors, did not allow customers to purchase or book classes online. Long queues would build up at the reception as all customer groups demanded service. Crowding within the studio space left an unpleasant taste for both customers and staff.

Furthermore, these limitations meant that neither the website nor the physical studio reception was equipped to receive leads from any marketing efforts.

Taking the reception out of the studio

Pettycache partnered with Upside Motion to re-platform its digital property, with the goal of modernizing its look and feel while maintaining its personality, authority, and prestige, alongside addressing the specific needs of all audiences.

As an exercise in structuring content, Pettycache began by organising the information to be presented on the website in a coherent and hierarchical manner. The goal was to decomplexify all the offerings Upside Motion had with subtle nuances and varying programme structures.

We also designed the user-flow to tightly integrate the process of signing up, purchasing class passes, and booking classes. We designed and built a custom payment integration to allow one-step checkouts, improving conversions by reducing inertia and shopping fatigue.

Communicating the breadth of services

In addition to freeing up manpower and studio space, the experience also needed to welcome new customers. A new navigation schema was designed to cater to receive groups of users at different stages of the sales process (e.g. prospective leads, existing customers, buying additional passes, booking/modifying classes, looking for a studio address etc.).

We also consulted, planned, and structured components to better promote the diverse services of the business. We gave special attention to consolidated informational pages that showcased different offerings alongside each other, whether they were prices or benefits of each offering.

This spread of offerings is perhaps most clearly showcased on the home page. The home page was structured to be a sampling of what the company does for all groups of customers and stakeholders—a springboard to take users deeper into more contextually relevant areas of the website.

A modern and responsive interface

While planning the navigation schema and content hierarchy, our team also identified the areas of importance at different screen widths. The new site was designed and optimized to work seamlessly across all screen sizes, taking what were once piecemeal responsive pages and thinking responsively across the whole site.

Time and manpower savings

By shifting the process of class bookings and payments online, Upside Motion has been able unlock their studio real estate (especially during peak hours) and allow for smoother class change-overs.

Upside Motion has indicated that approximately 95% of transactions now happen online. In addition to the time and manpower savings, they have also seen an overall increase in positive energy from both customers and staff.

Moreover, the new site structure allowed for more aggressive and efficient digital marketing efforts. Promotions and special offers were able to funnel prospective customers to specific landing pages with clear calls to action.